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Ingrida Danytė


Ingrida has started her acquaintance with an alive and living body in 2017 in the Somatic Therapy programme in Vilnius, established by Linda Hartley and the Institute for Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy, London. While studying in the Institute she also began her studies of Authentic Movement Discipline in Germany at the private practice of her teacher Cornelia Schmitz (Circles of Four). The practice of Authentic Movement Discipline is what has become the axis of Ingrida’s everyday life and her work. It has brought a profound sense of recognition and awakened the desire to be closer to herself and her inner truth. Her deep commitment to this practice, the guidance of Cornelia and a passion for exploration of mysterious and mystical embodied experience help Ingrida to orient herself in the miraculous journey of life. 

In the experience of others, Ingrida is first and foremost about being very close to herself. She is about a deep sensitivity that opens a safe space to be. She is also a wealth of knowledge and has  respect for teachers, practice and the person standing before her today.  

​Ingrida’s life is full of creativity and art. Since birth she was in love with music (especially the sounds of piano and cello). Later on she played as accompaniment to children’s ensembles and orchestras in the Suzuki association. Ingrida also paints, writes articles and creates websites. She has created a 61 - card deck "Dancing with the Guidant Presence" to mark her early stage of somatic explorations.

The presence of Ingrida is always accompanied by playfulness and love for an authentic and curious nature of a child - the one that lives in the world and the one that is alive in our hearts. ​Ingrida works with children. She is facilitating groups and individual consultations.

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2021 08 - now Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy (IBMT) programme in Vilnius coordinator

​​2018 - now Therapist and a play companion for children in private practice

2020 09 - 2021 11 Assistant in the study programme of the Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy

2018 - 2021 05 Bodywork and Movement Therapy Practitioner in the project „Journey of a Hero“

2020 09 - 2021 04 Bodywork and Movement Therapy Practitioner in “Penkių Pojūčių Namai”

2020 01 - 2020 09 Teacher in Senses Laboratory in Vilnius Humanistic School  


2021 02 18-20 International conference "The world supports you", coorganizer


2018 08 - now Studies of Authentic Movement Discipline at a private practice of Cornelia Schmitz, Germany, Braunschweig

2017 09 - 2020 08 Somatic Therapy studies, Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy, London, UK

2013 - 2017 Bachelor of Informatics, Vilniaus University



Janet Adler, Paula Sager, Susan Aposhyan, Zarey

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